Open Access

Make as you go, alongside us
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How it works


Open access is an opportunity for people who have completed a course with us to come back to the studio for some making time – whether you have a project in mind or just want to carry on practicing. You will be working alongside me or Andrew, my apprentice, and while this is not a guided lesson we will always be available to help out.

Bookings can be made per session using the calendar, though bear in mind that spaces are limited to 3 people. Sessions run for 2.5 hours and cost £20. We have allocated some storage space for your work in progress but ask that you make responsibly and don’t leave any pieces unattended for longer than a couple of weeks. If you would like your pots fired there will be a small charge of £0.50 per 100g of clay to cover the cost of electricity and glaze materials.

Couldn't find the right class or a suitable date?

Get in touch below to organise a tailored session or join a waiting list. My expertise covers a wide range of making processes used within ceramics from prodcution to glaze mixing. The studio is also available for private events and can accommodate workshops for up to 10 people.

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