Artist’s manifesto

by Hristiyan Pavlov

I am a ceramicist and teacher, currently based in Birmingham. Craft is my means of navigating the world, a way of life, a source of meaning. My practice focuses on marrying aesthetically pleasing forms with clearly defined functionality.

Most pieces begin as a fascinating encounter – with human or nature – followed by meaningful conversations, and culminating in obsessive making for months on end. Everyday moments are translated into objects for our every day; their essence captured into lithic textures across a gradient of hues.

Through my work, I pay tribute to clay – the humble material that enables the ceramic process. Sometimes, it is found and used in its natural state. On other occasions, I would reconstitute and labouriously blend it to achieve the colour of cliffs yet unseen. Every piece I make, however, is always hand-thrown on the pottery wheel and meticulously finished into a pot that bears the marks of its own story.

A world of clay loading…